Maryland PSC Likely to Open Additional Proceedings on Supplier Regulations
The Maryland PSC is likely to open additional proceedings regarding rules governing the marketing of electric and natural gas suppliers and associated consumer protections, PSC Chairman Douglas Nazarian said during yesterday's administrative meeting
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FirstEnergy-Allegheny File Non-Unanimous Stipulation in Maryland Merger Proceeding
FirstEnergy Corp., Allegheny Energy, and several intervenors have filed a non-unanimous stipulation that would provide for the approval of the merger of FirstEnergy and Allegheny with several conditions
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Md. PSC Fines Peninsula Energy Services for Supplying Interstate Pipeline Customer Without License, Grants Broker License
The Maryland PSC fined Peninsula Energy Services Company, Inc. $1,826.22 for acting as a gas supplier without the requisite license, and granted Peninsula Energy Services a license to operate as a gas supplier and broker serving non-residential customers
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Gexa Energy Tops J.D. Power Rankings for Texas Business Customers
Gexa Energy topped J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Texas Business Retail Electric Provider Customer Satisfaction Study, with a score of 681 out of 1,000
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December 1

PUCO Staff to Support Merger of AEP Ohio Companies Under SEET Stipulation
Staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, along with several end users, will support AEP Ohio's application to merge Columbus Southern Power and Ohio Power into a single operating company under a non-unanimous stipulation concerning the companies' significantly excessive earnings test
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Entergy Texas Seeks to Sever Competitive Generation Service from Current Rate Proceeding
Entergy Texas, Inc. filed an unopposed motion to sever issues related to Competitive Generation Service (CGS) from the remaining settled issues in Docket 37744
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Briefly (for 12/1)
• Illinois House Passes Tenaska Sourcing Agreement Bill
• ERCOT Files 4CP Information
• FirstEnergy Solutions Extends ChamberChoice Program to West Penn Power
• Dawn Diaz Joins APPI Energy
• Schriber to Retire from PUCO
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November 30
Illinois Committee Sends Tenaska Sourcing Agreement Bill to House Floor

The Illinois House Electric Generation & Commerce Committee reported out with a favorable recommendation SB2485, the Tenaska Taylorville Energy Center sourcing agreement bill, by a vote of 7-4
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Maryland PSC Posts October Migration Statistics
The Maryland PSC has posted electric migration statistics as of October 31, 2010.
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Briefly (for 11/30)
• Citizens Choice Energy Formally Announces N.Y. Service
• ICC to Hear Oral Arguments on ComEd POR
• National Fuel Gas Distribution Delays N.Y. Imbalance Changes by One Month
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November 29
Ohio Energy Group Says Proposed AEP-Ohio Capacity Cost Formula May Result in Double Recovery

The new capacity compensation formulas proposed by Columbus Southern Power and Ohio Power "may not be cost-based" and may "result in the double recovery of capacity costs"
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License Briefs (for 11/29)
• Clearview Electric Receives Delaware Electric License

• APN Starfirst Receives Delaware Electric License

• Good Energy Approved as N.H. Gas Aggregator
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Briefly (for 11/29)
• Md. PSC to Consider Utility Choice International Applications on Dec. 1

• Horizon Power and Light Transferring New England Licenses to REP Energy, LLC

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November 18
TXU Affiliate Brighten Energy "Will" Offer Residential Service in Pennsylvania in 2011

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Top Briefs
• RetailOPCO of Texas, led by Australian Power Market Veterans, Receives Texas REP License

• ConEdison Solutions Enters PECO Residential Market
• Utility Choice International Receives Maryland Broker Licenses
• Illinois Senate Delays Vote on Tenaska Sourcing Agreement Bill

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ICC Staff, Utilities, Suppliers Call ALJ Treatment of RECs in Procurement Plan Inconsistent with Statute
A proposed order from an Illinois ALJ which would find that the Illinois Power Agency is compelled to purchase physical renewable energy under the Illinois Power Agency Act contravenes definitions in the statute itself as well as Illinois Commerce Commission precedent ...
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• Md. PSC to Further Examine Columbia RM 35 Costs, Implementation

• PUCT Severs Competitive Generation Service Issues at Entergy
• Nodal Implementation Runs Smoothly
• PUCT Sets Interest Rates
• Virtual Energy LLC Changes Name to Smart Grid Solutions LLC

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December 1

NYISO Files Updated ICAP Demand Curves
The New York ISO has filed with FERC an application to set the ICAP demand curves for the Capability Years of 2011/2012, 2012/2013 and 2013/2014.
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RESA Opposes West Penn Power $6 Charge Per Utility Consolidated Bill
West Penn Power's proposed consolidated billing charge of $6 per bill per month, which is part of its proposed Purchase of Receivables program, "will result in an excessive and unworkable effective discount rate."
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License Briefs (for 12/1)
• Md. PSC Fines Affinity Energy Management, Grants Broker License

• Better Cost Control Receives Maryland Broker License
• Glacial Natural Gas Licensed in Five Additional States
• North Shore Energy Consulting Seeks Illinois ABC License
• SourceOne Energy Seeks Pa. Broker License

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November 30

License Briefs (for 11/30)
• U.S. Gas & Electric Seeks Pa. Electric License
• NetGain Energy Advisors Seeks Ohio Broker Licenses
• Patriot Energy Group Seeks Ohio Broker License
• Affiliated Power Purchasers International Seeks Maryland Gas Broker License
• Power Management Co. Seeks Maine Broker License
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Clean Currents Says Independent Contractors Enrolling Customers Should be Licensed in Maryland
"If a person is an independent contractor and is actively engaged in enrolling customers with a licensed energy supplier, he/she should be required to have a broker license" ...
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NYSEG Seeks Rehearing of FERC Order Declining Rebilling for Metering Errors
New York State Electric & Gas Corporation petitioned FERC for rehearing of the Commission's October 28 order denying NYSEG's request to rebill certain charges dating back 10 years to correct metering errors from both NYSEG and Niagara Mohawk
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November 29
TNMP Says Retail Product Design Won't Change due to Higher Fixed Distribution Charge

Increasing the costs of distribution service which are recovered through a fixed customer charge, rather than a volumetric charge, at Texas-New Mexico Power will not have a material impact on the design or structure of the products that REPs offer customers ...
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UI Considers Cianbro Energy in Material Breach of Supplier Agreement
United Illuminating has informed Cianbro Energy, LLC that UI considers Cianbro Energy to be in material breach of Cianbro's obligations under the supplier service agreement executed with UI, due to an unpaid invoice
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November 24
Pa. PUC Trial Staff Opposes FirstEnergy Solutions Home Rule Opt-Out Aggregation Petition

Opt-out municipal aggregation programs, regardless of whether they are run by home rule municipalities, "operate in contravention to 66 Pa. C.S. § 2807(d)(1) and 52 Pa. Code § 57.173, thereby making them impermissible," the PUC Office of Trial Staff said ...
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