Non-Unanimous Settlement Filed in Pennsylvania FirstEnergy-Allegheny Merger Proceeding

FirstEnergy Corp., Allegheny Energy, and a total of 18 parties have filed a non-unanimous stipulation that would resolve the companies' merger proceeding before the Pennsylvania PUC  
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ERCOT Requests to Use Nodal Charge Revenues for Post Go-Live Nodal-Related Activities

ERCOT has requested that the PUCT approve the use of previously approved Nodal Surcharge revenues to pay for expenses associated with the transition to the nodal market that ERCOT will incur after the planned December 1, 2010 nodal market go-live date
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Tara Energy to Pay $13,000 Under Settlement with PUCT Staff

Tara Energy, LLC would pay $13,000 under a settlement with PUCT Staff to resolve allegations from PUCT Staff that Tara Energy was not in compliance with nine provisions of the Substantive Rules
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PECO to Raise Residential Generation Rates Oct. 28

As part of a reconciliation of the competitive transition charge, PECO is raising its residential generation rates effective October 28, according to a tariff supplement filed with the Pennsylvania PUC
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PUCT Declines to Require Pre-approval for REP Changes in Control

The PUCT declined to modify the REP certification rules to provide that a REP must seek pre-approval for the change in control of a REP or REP certificate
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PUCO Approves FirstEnergy Ohio SSO Procurement

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio accepted the results of the first of six wholesale auctions that will determine FirstEnergy Ohio's Standard Service Offer rates from June 1, 2011 through May 31, 2014.
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Ontario Retailers Say Lack of Final Disclosure Documents Constraining Renewals

Several retail energy suppliers have informed the Ontario Energy Board that their renewal activities will be constrained by the lack of new final regulations governing the renewal process
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Briefly (for 10/25)
• West Penn Power Completes Default Service Procurements
• Pa. PUC Releases Comparison of Capped Rates, Market Prices
• Calif. ALJ Sets Nonbypassable Charge Prehearing Conference
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FERC "Reforms" RTO Credit Rules, Increases Costs to End Users
Under the guise of reform, FERC issued an order on RTO credit policies which will increase end users' costs for generation service by millions of dollars annually
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Oasis Energy Seeks Pa. License, Begins Offering Residential Service at BGE
Oasis Power, LLC (d/b/a Oasis Energy) applied for a Pennsylvania electric generation supplier license to serve all customer classes, including residential customers, in all service areas.  
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Pa PUC Approves Waiver of Load Cap at UGI for Remainder of Current Default Service Term
The Pennsylvania PUC approved on a permanent basis UGI Utilities' request to amend its default service plan to reflect to following changes ...
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License Briefs (for 10/21)
• AlphaBuyer Seeks Pa. Electric Broker License

• Aspen Energy Seeks Pa. Broker License

• Ballard Engineering Seeks Illinois ABC License

• Choice Energy Services Retail Seeks Illinois ABC License

• Energy Professionals LLC Seeks Illinois ABC License

• Solo Energy Solutions Seeks Illinois ABC License

• U.S.E.C.Seeks Illinois ABC License

• Power Brokers Seeks Pa. Gas Broker License
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Pa. PUC "Looking At" Home Rule Opt-Out Aggregation Question
The Pennsylvania PUC's law bureau is "looking at" the issue of home rule municipalities conducting opt-out municipal aggregations under their home rule charters.
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License Briefs (for 10/26)

• Pennywise Power Amendment Filing Advances

• LD Energy Seeks Pa. Broker License

• Devonshire Energy Receives D.C. Electric License

• Paetec Energy Seeks. D.C. Gas Broker License

• Amerex Brokers Seeks D.C. Broker Licenses

• Open Market Energy Seeks D.C. Broker License

• Reliable Power Alternatives Corp. Seeks D.C. Broker License
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Ontario Energy Board Denies Requested Relief Regarding Renewal Transition Period

The Ontario Energy Board denied the relief requested by several competitive energy suppliers regarding the treatment of renewals during the period in which the Board has yet to finalize new disclosure statements required to be provided to customers in order to perform automatic renewals
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Briefly (for 10/26)

• Champion Energy Lowers PECO Residential Pricing

• Utility Expense Reduction Officially Launches N.Y. Gas Service

• Grueneich Files Tradable REC Alternate

• StarTex Commits To Not Pass-Through Nodal Charges to Customers

• Usource Reports Higher Sales Margin

• FERC Approves PJM Opportunity Cost Tariff Revisions
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PPL Posts Estimated Prices to Compare for 2011

PPL Electric Utilities has posted estimated prices to compare for the period January 1, 2011 through May 31, 2011.
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Maryland Working Group Files Standard Electronic Transactions for Gas Market

A Maryland working group has submitted a Maryland Gas Standard manual to implement standard electronic transactions for the retail gas market required by RM 35.
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Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Files Complaint Against Interstate Gas Supply

Maryland PSC Notes Trade Name

The Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel, along with two gas marketers and other parties, filed a complaint against Interstate Gas Supply at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio concerning IGS' use of the Columbia Retail Energy trade name
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Exelon Generation Adjusted Earnings Lower

Exelon's Generation unit reported adjusted earnings of $499 million for the third quarter of 2010, versus $504 million a year ago, on lower energy gross margin largely due to ...
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Pa. PUC Approves Penn Power Default Service Plan Which Includes POR Requirement
The Pennsylvania PUC approved, without modifications to the provisions impacting retail access, a settlement regarding default service at Penn Power which will, among other things, require Penn Power to institute a non-recourse Purchase of Receivables program
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License Briefs (for 10/22)
• Reliable Power Seeks Pa. Electric License

• Start-up Great American Power Seeks Pa. Electric License

• University of Pennsylvania Receives Pa. Electric License

• Pa. PUC Grants Volunteer Energy Expanded Gas License

• APN Starfirst Receives Pa. Electric License

• Emex, LLC Receives Pa. Broker License

• Mondre Energy Receives Pa. Broker License

• Pa. PUC Approves New License for E Source Companies
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FERC Approves Duke Ohio PJM Integration Plan, Dismisses Capacity Price Concerns
FERC approved Duke Energy Ohio and Duke Energy Kentucky's plan to exit the Midwest ISO and join PJM and conditionally accepted the Duke companies' proposed Fixed Resource Requirement (FRR) Integration Plan
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CL&P Posts September Migration Statistics
Connecticut Light & Power posted migration statistics for the month of September 2010.
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Energy Choice Matters, October 26, 2010


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