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PECO to Raise Residential Generation Rates Oct. 28
Updated 1:00 p.m.

As part of a reconciliation of the competitive transition charge, PECO is raising its residential generation rates effective October 28, according to a tariff supplement filed with the Pennsylvania PUC
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FERC "Reforms" RTO Credit Rules, Increases Costs to End Users
Under the guise of reform, FERC issued an order on RTO credit policies which will increase end users' costs for generation service by millions of dollars annually
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Oasis Energy Seeks Pa. License, Begins Offering Residential Service at BGE
Oasis Power, LLC (d/b/a Oasis Energy) applied for a Pennsylvania electric generation supplier license to serve all customer classes, including residential customers, in all service areas.  
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Pa PUC Approves Waiver of Load Cap at UGI for Remainder of Current Default Service Term
The Pennsylvania PUC approved on a permanent basis UGI Utilities' request to amend its default service plan to reflect to following changes ...
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Smitherman Opposes Proposed REP Change in Control Provision
PUCT Chairman Barry Smitherman reiterated his opposition to draft proposed rule §25.107(i)(3), which would require Commission pre-approval for REP changes in control (37685).  
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FERC Clarifies Order Relating to California CHP Procurement Obligation
FERC clarified its decision regarding the California PUC's Combined Heat and Power purchase obligation and associated pricing to hold that ...
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Illinois ALJ Drafts Interim Order of Withdrawal for Electric Customer Protection Rules
An interim order which would withdraw proposed electric consumer protection rules in Illinois is set for consideration by the Illinois Commerce Commission on October 26 (Docket 09-0592), prompted by ...
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License Brief (for 10/21)
• AlphaBuyer Seeks Pa. Electric Broker License

• Aspen Energy Seeks Pa. Broker License

• Ballard Engineering Seeks Illinois ABC License

• Choice Energy Services Retail Seeks Illinois ABC License

• Energy Professionals LLC Seeks Illinois ABC License

• Solo Energy Solutions Seeks Illinois ABC License

• U.S.E.C.Seeks Illinois ABC License

• Power Brokers Seeks Pa. Gas Broker License
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Briefly (for 10/21/10)
• PPL EnergyPlus Wins CL&P Last Resort Service Load

• PUCT Staff Opposes TexRep6 Motion for Stay of Revocation Proceeding

• DPUC Approves CL&P Standard Service Procurement Results

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Pa. PUC "Looking At" Home Rule Opt-Out Aggregation Question
The Pennsylvania PUC's law bureau is "looking at" the issue of home rule municipalities conducting opt-out municipal aggregations under their home rule charters.
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Rendell: Direct Energy Auction Proposal Deserves Consideration
Direct Energy's retail auction proposal to serve mass market customers at what would be the combined FirstEnergy Corp.-Allegheny Energy distribution companies in Pennsylvania should be considered "carefully," Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said in a keynote to a National Energy Marketers Association roundtable
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SCMC Says National Fuel Gas Distribution Imbalance Changes Are "Unreasonable"
The Small Customer Marketer Coalition has opposed several tariff revisions filed by National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp. in New York to modify its treatment of imbalances for STBA service.
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BlueStar Energy Releases PECO Residential Pricing
BlueStar Energy Solutions has released pricing for PECO residential electric customers.  Additional Pa. Residential News Inside ...
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PPL Posts Estimated Prices to Compare for 2011
Updated 1:00 p.m.

PPL Electric Utilities has posted estimated prices to compare for the period January 1, 2011 through May 31, 2011.
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Pa. PUC Approves Penn Power Default Service Plan Which Includes POR Requirement
The Pennsylvania PUC approved, without modifications to the provisions impacting retail access, a settlement regarding default service at Penn Power which will, among other things, require Penn Power to institute a non-recourse Purchase of Receivables program
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License Briefs (for 10/22)
• Reliable Power Seeks Pa. Electric License

• Start-up Great American Power Seeks Pa. Electric License

• University of Pennsylvania Receives Pa. Electric License

• Pa. PUC Grants Volunteer Energy Expanded Gas License

• APN Starfirst Receives Pa. Electric License

• Emex, LLC Receives Pa. Broker License

• Mondre Energy Receives Pa. Broker License

• Pa. PUC Approves New License for E Source Companies
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FERC Approves Duke Ohio PJM Integration Plan, Dismisses Capacity Price Concerns
FERC approved Duke Energy Ohio and Duke Energy Kentucky's plan to exit the Midwest ISO and join PJM and conditionally accepted the Duke companies' proposed Fixed Resource Requirement (FRR) Integration Plan
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Briefly (for 10/22)
• Columbia Gas Seeks Rehearing of Maryland POR Order, Submits Revised Compliance Plan
• FERC Staff Issues RTO Metrics

• FERC Finds PJM Governance Conforms to Order 719
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PECO to Transition to Backcast Energy Scheduling for Supplier Requirements
PECO has proposed changes to its Electric Generation Supplier (EGS) tariff to modify the process for estimating a supplier's load requirements.
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CL&P Posts September Migration Statistics
Connecticut Light & Power posted migration statistics for the month of September 2010.
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Volunteer Energy Urges Md. Approval of Utility Choice International Broker Applications
The Maryland PSC's delay of Utility Choice International's licenses as a natural gas and electric broker is, "causing Volunteer [Energy] a great deal of harm," it its entry into the Maryland market ...
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AEP Expects $53 Million Negative Impact from Migration in 2011
AEP expects customer migration in Ohio to negatively impact 2011 earnings by $53 million (7¢ per share), as it forecasts customer migration increasing to 14% of sales at Columbus Southern Power.
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Citing ESCO Opposition to Funding, NiMo Proposes to Shelve Remote Account Number Access Plan
Niagara Mohawk has proposed that it not implement its plan to provide customers with remote access to their account numbers at this time due to the lack of agreement among ESCOs to fund implementation
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Maine PUC Opens Investigation of Central Maine Power Standard Offer Uncollectibles, Collection Practices
The Maine PUC has initiated an investigation of Central Maine Power Company's credit and collection practices and how such practices and related accounting methods may have influenced CMP's Standard Offer-related uncollectible balances and write-offs
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Constellation Enrolls Over 10,000 Residential Customers in New Jersey
Constellation NewEnergy has enrolled more than 10,000 New Jersey residential electric customers at Public Service Electric & Gas and Jersey Central Power & Light since launching service in the territories in September
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Energy Choice Matters, October 22, 2010