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Champion Energy, Energy Cooperative of Pa. Announce PECO Residential Pricing
Champion Energy Services and the Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania are among the suppliers which have announced pricing for their entry into the PECO residential electric market.
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Pa. PUC Issues Guidelines for Release of Default Service Procurement Results
The Pennsylvania PUC has endorsed "consensus" views regarding the release of electric default service procurement information.
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RESA Seeks Interim Pa. Guideline Governing Use of Utility Name/Logo by Unaffiliated Supplier
The Retail Energy Supply Association has asked the Pennsylvania PUC to adopt interim guidelines, to be followed by a subsequent rulemaking, to develop standards governing the use, by a competitive supplier, of a non-affiliated distribution company's name and/or logo.  
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PG&E Rate Case Settlement Would Remove Customer Retention Revenue Requirement
A proposed settlement in Pacific Gas & Electric's general rate case (A. 09-12-020 et. al.) would eliminate PG&E's proposed revenue requirement for customer retention activities.
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PECO Releases Electric Price to Compare Information for Jan. 1, 2011
PECO has released expected electric Prices to Compare for the period starting January 1, 2011, reflecting results from all of the wholesale full requirements procurements as well as Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards compliance costs.
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Reliant Energy Receives Pennsylvania Electric License


Other License Briefs

• Gexa Energy Receives Expanded Pa. Electric License to Include Residential Service

• AP Gas & Electric Receives Pa. Electric License

• AOBA Alliance Receives Pa. Broker License

• Price Point Energy Receives Pa. Broker License

• Early Bird Power Receives Pa. Broker License

• Manhattan Energy Receives Pa. Broker License

• Tomorrow's Utilities Receives Pa. Broker License

• Energy Savers Inc. Receives Expanded Pa. Broker License
• Pa. PUC Defers Consideration of Mondre Energy Broker Application
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NEM Releases Final Agenda for Pennsylvania Roundtable, Rendell to Keynote
The National Energy Marketers Association has released a final agenda for its upcoming fall leadership roundtable in Harrisburg, Pa. on October 19.  The roundtable will focus on the Pennsylvania electric and gas markets, including a review of Purchase of Receivables, the unbundling/SEARCH process, and consumer protection standards, among other topics.
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Pa. PUC Denies OSBA Request to Require Direct Energy to Seek Approval of Pike County Pricing
The Pennsylvania PUC denied, 4-1, the Office of Small Business Advocate's request for rehearing of the PUC's decision allowing Direct Energy to retain, without affirmative action by the customer, the customers it currently serves under the aggregation program at Pike County Light & Power if those customers do not select a return to default service or another supplier
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PUCT Adopts Modified Preliminary Order Regarding Clearview Waiver Request
The PUCT adopted a modified preliminary order concerning Clearview Electric's petition for a waiver of the financial requirements of Subst. R. 25.107(f)
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CCEF Requests that Conn. Suppliers Be Subject to Additional Labeling for Renewable Products
Connecticut competitive electric suppliers offering products with renewable content beyond the RPS should be required to conform their products to the labeling and disclosure requirements of the Connecticut Clean Energy Options program, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund said
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Staff Says PUCT Intended to Prohibit Political Subdivisions from Obtaining REP Certificates
The PUCT, in SUBST. R. 25.107, "intended to prohibit a political subdivision from obtaining certification as a REP, and the rule should be interpreted accordingly," Staff said in opposing a rehearing request by the City of Dallas concerning the Commission's denial of the City's REP application
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Northern Indiana Fuel and Light Seeks to Offer Choice Program Mirroring NIPSCO
Northern Indiana Fuel and Light would offer retail natural gas choice to customers as part of its merger into affiliate NIPSCO
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Mass. AG Seeks Hearing on Purchase of Receivables Terms and Conditions
The Massachusetts Attorney General asked the Massachusetts DPU to require competitive suppliers and the electric distribution companies to submit witness testimony and exhibits, with discovery and cross examination on such evidence, to support their respective positions regarding Purchase of Receivables
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Constellation Offers to Sell Stake in UniStar, But Won't Link Sale to Put Option
Constellation Energy has offered to sell its 50% stake in UniStar to EDF for $1, but refused to link the sale to Constellation waiving its ability to exercise a put option which would require EDF to purchase a dozen Constellation plants for $2 billion.
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PUCT Staff Posts Corrected Final POLR Designations
PUCT Staff posted revised final designations of non-volunteer POLRs for the 2011-12 term, along with the designation of the POLR responsible for the Electricity Facts Label.  
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IDT Energy Reports Higher Fourth Quarter Income, Starts Growing Book Again
IDT Energy recorded higher income from operations for the fourth quarter of 2010 (ending July 31, 2010) of $5.6 million, up from $5.0 million a year ago, on higher electric revenues.
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Pa. PUC Approves Settlements Requiring Direct Assignment of Capacity at UGI CPG, PNG
The Pennsylvania PUC approved settlements in the 1307(f) rate investigations of UGI Central Penn Gas (R-2010-2172922) and UGI Penn Natural Gas (R-2010-2172928) which provide for the transition to mandatory direct capacity assignments to suppliers
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Anderson Suggests Requiring Pre-Approval Only if Acquiring REP is Not Licensed or Not in Good Standing
The PUCT yesterday deferred action on Staff's proposal for adoption concerning changes to the REP certification rules which would require Commission pre-approval of any changes in control
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Pa. PUC Approves Increase in PECO Retainage Rate
The Pennsylvania PUC approved a settlement in PECO's 1307(f) Purchased Gas Cost rate investigation which requires PECO to increase the retainage volume adjustment for natural gas transportation service customers from 2.5% to 2.8% for a period of one year commencing December 1, 2010
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Briefly (for 10/15/10)

• Ontario Confirms New Supplier Marketing Standards

• PUCT Rejects Settlement, Directs AllStar Cases to Proceed to Hearing

• Smitherman to Lead Review of State Estimator Data Release Question

• PUCT Issues Prepay Proposal for Publication for Comment
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Gulf Oil, Cumberland Farms Subsidiary, Seeking Connecticut Electric Supplier License
Gulf Oil Limited Partnership has applied for a Connecticut electric supplier license.  Notably, Gulf Oil Limited Partnership has applied to serve residential customers in addition to commercial and industrial customers.
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